If you’re coming by plane


From the airport to the apartments the drive takes approximately 35-45 minutes. You can take a regular shuttle bus that goes to the ferry port of Split, it costs about €5/person. From the ferry port it’s 1 km walk to the apartment through the pedestrian only area.

The other options: we can send a driver to bring you all the way to the apartment for €40 (please contact us at least a day ahead to arrange); You can hail Uber – it’s usually around €35-50. A good (and often cheaper) alternative to Uber is the discount taxi company called Cammeo, which you can order online, or on phone +385 (0) 21 313 313. (Update July 2019 – Cammeo offers 190 kn (€26) flat rate drive from the airport to the city center and our apartments.)

Regular taxi stand is located right outside the airport building, it costs around €45-60.


If you’re coming by bus, train or ferry

Walking Directions


From the bus terminal/ferry port walk along the seashore toward the Diocletian Palace – the main stretch with the palm trees and cafes called Riva.

Continue across Riva to the west end where’s a roundabout with a fountain in front of the hotel Bellevue.

Turn right behind the hotel into Ulica Bana Josipa Jelačića (sometimes written as Jelačićeva street)

Just before the beginning of the pedestrian zone turn left into Ulica Svetog Križa (or Križeva) street – it’s a narrow cobble stone street recognizable by Rosa Faia and Anita stores on its corner.

Follow it uphill until it widens enough for cars to park – there’s a small corner store with white metal bars on windows, then turn right behind that store into Kamenita ulica.

Pass Villa Erede on your left and keep left at the fork, pass the newly built hotel on your left then follow the street uphill for another 50 meters. At the small intersection with a tall palm tree in a courtyard keep right. Keep checking only the even numbers (on your right), as the odd numbers widely diverge – we are at #52 in a walled-off small courtyard with always open green gate.